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After enduring persistent I.T challenges and insufficient support from their previous provider, MSM Milling, a leading canola oil manufacturer in the Central West region, enlisted ALL I.T. to overhaul their business systems and enhance daily operations.



MSM Milling, a leading manufacturer and provider of canola oil in the Central West region, faced significant I.T challenges that disrupted their daily plant operations. As a 24/7 operation with only a 72-hour shutdown during the Christmas break, ensuring reliability is the company's top priority. Given the critical role of technology in the plant's functionality, maintaining up-to-date tech solutions and equipment is vital. Disappointed by the lack of proactive support from their previous I.T partner and recognising the need for updated infrastructure, including a transition to cloud services, MSM Milling enlisted the help of ALL I.T to revamp their business I.T systems and enhance the efficiency of daily operations.



ALL I.T has guided MSM Milling through an extensive I.T transformation over the years. The partnership began with a complete overhaul of their server and network infrastructure, modernising the entire plant's technology framework. We also migrated their email services to the cloud, significantly enhancing operations.

Currently, ALL I.T is working with MSM Milling to expand their technology base in preparation for a planned site expansion. This new platform requires high availability with 99% uptime and 24 /7 support. To assist with this, ALL I.T opened a branch in Orange, ensuring local support for an organisation of this scale. As MSM Milling transitions from a family-run business to a global entity, ALL I.T is also enhancing cybersecurity measures to safeguard their operations against emerging threats, ensuring secure, uninterrupted growth.



Since partnering with ALL I.T, MSM Milling has significantly enhanced its daily business operations. Our team's recommendations for a suite of technology solutions have enabled them to streamline processes, resulting in a more efficient and technologically advanced operation. The implementation of comprehensive I.T support, including user support, infrastructure management, internet and phone systems, as well as cyber security and training, has been crucial in driving their success.

“The local support has been terrific.”
Bob Mac Smith
MSM Milling

Project Information

  • Server and Network Overhaul
  • Cloud Services
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Internet & Phone Systems
  • IT Support

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