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Facing operational slowdowns from paper-based manual processes and concerns about security vulnerabilities and confidentiality issues, Lifeline Central West sought ALL I.T’s expertise to transform their technological landscape.



Lifeline Central West found itself grappling with operational slowdowns due to their use of paper-based manual processes. As the organisation expanded and adapted to the hybrid work environment, concerns arose about potential inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities and confidentiality issues with their system. The increasing influx of people joining and leaving the company highlighted the absence of well-defined I.T onboarding and offboarding processes. To address these issues, Lifeline bought ALL I.T onboard in 2022, marking the beginning of an ongoing maturity journey aimed at improving their I.T systems.



To address these challenges, ALL I.T launched a strategic initiative to transform Lifeline's technological landscape. This approach included responsive onsite and remote support, enhancing their cybersecurity posture, and developing robust policies. Over the past 6 to 12 months, we collaborated closely with Lifeline to elevate their cybersecurity standards and provide day-to-day I.T support. Our primary goal was to seamlessly integrate Lifeline’s SharePoint, operating systems, and Microsoft Cloud Environment, ensuring minimal disruption for end-users. These streamlined processes ensured user-friendly interactions while maintaining maximum security and protection within the organization.



ALL I.T's strategic approach has significantly enhanced Lifeline's operational efficiency and security. One of the most impactful changes was the ability to reach out and speak to a real person for real-time support, ensuring quick resolutions to IT issues. Additionally, several webinar-style training sessions were conducted to increase staff awareness of cybersecurity and reinforce knowledge of key systems.

These initiatives have collectively resulted in Lifeline experiencing a heightened sense of security and confidence in the quality of their hardware and laptops. With a robust IT foundation now in place, Lifeline is better equipped to navigate the challenges of their dynamic operational landscape, ultimately supporting their valuable mission more effectively.

“We can now feel a lot more comfortable about certainly our security, the quality of some of the hardware and laptops that we have in our environment… I actually think this has probably been one of the most seamless technology transformations we’ve had.”
Brad Kane
Lifeline Central West

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