Microsoft 365

Think Microsoft 365 is limited to emails, spreadsheets, and virtual meetings? 
It’s time to think bigger!

When used to its full potential, Microsoft 365 can dramatically reshape how you conduct business.

Whatever your goals, let our experts help your team tap into the full suite of Microsoft 365 
and really put your technology to work.

Microsoft Teams - Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft Teams for Enhanced Collaboration

Not just for meetings, Teams is your command centre for advanced communication—think live events, collaborative whiteboards, and seamless integration with tech like Yealink for top-tier productivity.

Microsoft Planner - Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft Planner for Streamlined Projects

Revolutionize project management. Planner lets you create, organize, and track tasks effortlessly, boosting teamwork with seamless integration into Teams and Outlook.

Microsoft Bookings - Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft Bookings for Easy Scheduling

Overhaul your appointment processes with Bookings. It automates scheduling, syncs with your calendar, sends reminders, and keeps client info straight—simplifying both internal and client-facing coordination.

Microsoft Forms - Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft Forms for Smart Decisions

Easily gather and analyse key data. Forms enables quick surveys, instant insights, and data-driven decisions through real-time analytics.

Microsoft Power Automate - Microsoft 365 for Business

Microsoft Power Automate for Task Automation

Enhance efficiency by automating routine tasks across applications. Its trigger-based automation capabilities save time and focus energy on what matters.

The Possibilities

The possibilities are endless right? Plus, through the Microsoft 365 suite, we can streamline your security by integrating all third-party platforms with a unified single sign-on (SSO) solution.  

ALL IT Client Example

For a 100-seat organisation, we streamlined their operational efficiency and enhanced security by implementing single sign-on with their Microsoft login for Asana access. This single sign-on approach not only simplifies the onboarding and offboarding processes by requiring a single user login but also reduces business risk exposure.

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Ready to unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365
and transform how your business operates?

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