I.T continuity

All IT provide an impressive suite of back up options to both onsite and offsite your critical data.



Unplanned downtime costs are far more than you may think!

2018 data suggests that on average business losses between $926 and $17,244 per MINUTE that their operations are stalled. Includes lost revenue, lost productivity, recovery expenses and equipment replacement.

what is i.t continuity?

Disasters come in many forms. For businesses today, technology is critical to their operation. Servers, routers, switches, P.C’s, Software, Wi-Fi, e-mail, Applications – the list of points of failure is near endless.

How would you business operate without these functioning? What is the cost to your business if you lost all your files, and data or couldn’t operate your business for an extended period of time?

Poor business continuity planning is all too common and many don’t think about this until its too late. Talk to ALL IT about options to suit your budget and more importantly your appetite for risk!




 Ransomware and Spyware gets smarter and more deceptive by the day.

96% of business with a quality continuity solution survive ransomware.  

90% of businesses without a quality I.T continuity plan will fail after a major I.T failure or loss of data.   

backup and disaster recovery

All IT provide a comprehensive suite of back up options to both onsite and offsite your critical data. 

All too often we see businesses thinking they are backing up data to find out that backups have failed for many weeks and months or have never been tested. Or just as bad, the backups have been corrupted by malicious attacks and cannot be restored. 

 As part of our ongoing maintenance agreements, we have comprehensive monitoring of backups to ensure your data is not only backed up but also tested for quality and restoration. 

The explosion of cyber-attacks is making small and medium size business far more vulnerable and the need for solid backups is critical.

The statistics are alarming – ensure you have a backup solution implemented – it’s the best form of insurance possible.

I.T Continuity OFFERINGS

We offer data backup solutions in a variety of formats individually tailored to the needs of each client

Off Site Backup


For many of our businesses that have high speed business grade internet into their premises we provide off site backups to our data centre each night to ensure they have a comprehensive set of backups in multiple locations.

Think of this solution as an insurance product over your data and your business IT.



ALL IT offer replication solutions for maximum peace of mind. Replication in computing involves sharing information across multiple redundant resources at multiple locations so in the event of a failure at one site, you still have complete access to your I.T infrastructure.

The average business believes that backup alone is a sufficient I.T continuity solution. It is important to understand that backup may stop your business from going backwards but it doesn’t keep it moving forward. A major infrastructure or server failure can take up to 2 weeks to replace and restore your operations to pick up where you left off… Ouch!