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Managed Wifi

Wireless and Wifi networks are becoming the primary connection medium of the modern age.  Not only are staff demanding better connectivity options but guests and customers are expecting businesses and retails to have a wifi solution offered to them.  That is why your business needs a managed wifi solutions that can accommodate your staff and guests without compromising security or speed.

ALL IT can design, delivery, and maintain managed wifi networks for your business and guest environment.  We have the experience and the skills to deliver the right managed wifi solution regardless of size or environment variables.

What are the benefits of a managed wifi network?

  • Security – separate your corporate network in to multiple secure networks.  For example, a public wifi for guests and customers and a secure network for staff and contractors.
  • Reduce costs – A managed wifi can dramatically reduce construction, fit-out, and refurbishment costs by remove unnecessary cables and wires.
  • Improved Accessibility – Your staff will be able to move around your office/premises and stay connected to company resources with ease.  Additionally they will be able to connect with multiple devices making BYOD problems a thing of the past.

Call ALL IT Services (1300 4 ALL IT) today to see how we can help your business or project with the right managed wifi solution.